Trying New Things, Setting Goals, Taking Risks

I took my sewing machine in for a much-needed tune up. Meanwhile, I knitted belts out of my non-wool yarn stash. I mentioned in my last post that my experience is generally in fall or winter craft shows, where I showcase my woolen wares. However, in order to keep the sales going all year around, I need to knit with other fibers. I like cotton, linen and hemp. I do like the texture of the fabric. I’m not sure why I didn’t prefer non-wool yarn before.

Cotton lace belt with "Tree of Life" charms. Click here for more details.

Cotton lace belt with “Tree of Life” charms. Click on photo for details.

So I’m brainstorming (and knitting) nice accessories for people to wear in the warmer months. Linen slouchy caps, headscarves/bandanas…in the last week or so I’m having a lot of fun knitting lace belts with beads at the ends.

Yesterday, I attended a “Vision Boarding” thing/event/get-together. I wanted to see a friend—the host—whom I hadn’t seen in years, but secondly, it sounded interesting. There’s a lot going on right now, and I thought this activity might be a good exercise for me. Turned out it was. The point was to think about what my goals are for 2017, find images and words that not only represent what I want but how those images and words make me FEEL. There were five other women there as well, each having a unique set of goals and desires for the year. My friend Carman was a wonderful facilitator. She helped us stay focused on our purpose (it’s too easy for a group of women to just talk and stray from subject to subject), and she helped us look for words and images that would represent what we wanted. More importantly, our group served as witnesses to each other. We spoke specifically, openly and honestly about what we wanted to achieve this year, and as witnesses, we held each other accountable. It was pretty cool!

As I think about what my goals were in my “vision board” (mainly two: step up LSS Luscious Knits, and hike more), I realized that I could have several different vision boards, because there are so many things I’d like to do to improve and grow. It’s a good thing to do. Going through the process of creating this collage is a way of making a promise to yourself, and reminding yourself, not to stray from your path. Doing it with a group of others helps you build a connection with them, learn from them, support them and vice versa. Together, you keep going, keep dreaming, keep conquering those insecurities and fears.

Two nights ago, I conquered one longtime fear. Honestly, my fear was based on how my parents might react, or whether or not I could handle the pain, or if I was committed enough to the permanency of what I wanted to do. But why did I keep agonizing? Sometimes you have to take a risk if you want something badly enough. Plus, I knew in my heart that I was committed to it. And if I was committed, I could handle the pain. And if it upset my parents, oh well.

So I got my first tattoo. And I’m so glad…I love it!

Thanks to The Tattoo Lady in Hammond, IN.

Thanks to The Tattoo Lady in Hammond, IN.


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