Take It Easy

A lot on my mind these past few weeks. Trying to avoid Facebook and failing miserably. Transitions at work. Not having the sun for several days in a row, which really takes its toll on my psyche. Lots of big stuff happening for my kids too. Daughter just finished finals. Son took an entrance exam to get into high school (strictly a Chicago thing, another reason why this city is nuts). And…I’ve been struggling with my serger!

It worked beautifully, I successfully seamed a bunch of headbands, but then I did something stupid (having to do with that big knob on the right side of the machine), and then it stopped chaining. So I had to rethread this complicated mechanism. Still not working. Started reading the manual obsessively in my spare time.

The serger started to weigh on my mind. If it wasn’t working, I couldn’t finish my stuff, and then I wouldn’t be ready for the shows (you see where my mind is going). I became frustrated and moody. Started eating lots of chocolate. I turned into a toxic jerk whom everyone wanted to avoid. I even had a dream about it.

All over my neighborhood, “they” tore down buildings and put up new churches that we didn’t need. They built a giant monstrosity on the corner of Lawndale and Addison where the Prime-X car repair used to be (in reality, not necessarily a bad thing, but in the dream, it pissed me off). I was driving around my neighborhood stuck in traffic. I came to a stop at the intersection by my house where a group of people belonging to the new corner church crossed in front of me, looking at me, shaking their heads. One of them said, “Yeah, the sign says stop,” and smiled very self-righteously. I looked at the guy and thanked him for telling me what I already knew and flicked him off. Then an old lady with her grandchild crossed the street and stopped right in the middle. She was just talking to her grandchild, completely oblivious to me waiting. I rolled down the window and said, “Hey lady, you think you can finish crossing the street now? I don’t have all day!” Then they frowned at me as they crossed. I drove up to my house, which has now mysteriously been painted completely white, along with the next two houses due East of us (the neighboring houses were empty, no one occupying them). I stepped up to my house and noticed that they didn’t even scrape the old paint off. They just painted white over the old peeling paint. So now my house looks like shit.

When I woke up the next morning and still felt as angry as I was the night before, I knew this was a bad sign. I took the dog out for a walk. That helped. I miss the outdoors. I need to get back to the forest preserves again.

By the way, Holy Smokes’ (see last post, “Another Pasttime“) gig last night went really well. Lots of people showed up. Teaming up with my bass player’s other band, Hipster Highwaymen, was a great idea. Then at the end of both sets, both bands did a lovely rendition of “Take it Easy.” Fun night for all! I have to give credit to Marianne who does the booking and sound at Independence Tap. I can’t remember the last time everything went so smoothly (equipment-wise) and we sounded perfect. I looked at my husband many times while were up there singing. Many nice moments.

We got through the week. Pretty much everything was accomplished (except the serger). Hey you know, at least I didn’t get sick. Everyone around me is getting a terrible cold and for some reason, I was spared (knock on wood).

This afternoon after church, my goal is to rethread my serger correctly, and get it up and running again (I’m not into the Superbowl, sorry). I have many shows coming up this year:

I’ll be at the Empty Bottle on Saturday, April 8th from noon to 4 pm for the Handmade Market Chicago.

If all goes as planned, I’ll also be at the Hyde Park Handmade Artisan Bazaar and Farmers Market at the Promontory on Sunday, March 12.

We just have to keep going. There’s a lot of crap that we have to get through without losing our cool. Sometimes we have to be patient and remember that things will work out in time. Meanwhile, we just need to do what we can and take it easy.  😊

My drummer Yaz requested a pussy hat so he could show his support for the ladies at our show last night. It looked good on him. I'm glad he didn't mind that it's purple!

My drummer Yaz requested a pussy hat so he could show his support for the ladies at our show last night. It looked good on him. I’m glad he didn’t mind that it’s purple!


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