We All Need a Walk in the Woods

Such a productive couple of days! I can’t believe what an energetic rush I get from washing out freshly dyed items! I mean, really, it’s like I’m bouncing off the walls for hours! Do other artists feel that way?

This week has been…a learning week. I learned how to use my serger and then learned how to make a rolled hem which I used on my napkins. I also experimented with painting with powdered dye. It definitely made a difference, but I think I will use liquid dye to do the painting. Neat-O! I feel like I’m getting closer to being able to recreate (in ice dye) those beautiful trees I see while hiking in the woods.

Do you like these new napkins hot out of the dryer? You can get them here!

Do you like these new napkins hot out of the dryer? You can get them here!

Also, I made a leap of faith and signed up for a few summer craft shows. I mean the kind that is outdoors, requiring a tent, and weights, and other stuff. Yikes!

Also this week, my boss had her last day at the office with us. She’s gone to start a farm. Literally. I’m going to miss her a lot because she was a great boss, and I’m also a little jealous that she’s going to live in a quiet, peaceful place. But in the meantime, I had several new things to do and although I enjoy it, the last few days have been a little…zany!

So, yesterday morning I got up at 6:30 and headed back to Half Day Forest Preserve. I couldn’t wait to get back there. I finally did that entire yellow trail. Throughout the morning I heard the sounds of all sorts of birds that I didn’t recognize…except for the geese. There were a lot of geese noises. Halfway through the walk, their calls got louder and I looked up and a huge formation of what I think was Canadian geese flew right over my head. I mean, seriously, they were just above the treetops…it was so cool, so beautiful!

There are days where I feel discouraged about everything. Sometimes when I’m feeling really bad, I’ll ask myself, “why are you doing this? Why are you spending all your energy making napkins and headbands and belts?? Like there aren’t a million other people doing the same, and probably doing it better!” Yes, sometimes that inner voice can be really nasty.

But…eventually I ignore that little bitch, and I just keep going. I make these things because it actually feels good. Like I said before, it’s a therapeutic process, and the result is an exciting rush. And if I make a sale, well, that’s even better. That’s where the happy dance comes in!

Life is filled with top priorities; my children, keeping the house, paying the bills, taking the time to sing to terrible 70s hits with my husband. Also, there’s nothing like a little walk in the woods to help me get my head straight. Here are some more peaceful outdoorsy photos for your enjoyment:

Moss grows

Moss grows

There's a family in here...

There’s a family in here…

Webbed tree trunk!

Webbed tree trunk!



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