Beginning Again

It’s been a wild month but I think that things are starting to fall into place. I feel like I’m getting into a manageable rhythm at work.

Last week’s show at the Promontory was a success, a good experience for me, and a lot of fun! I applied to do another one in April.

Some minor health issues I’ve been dealing with—which made me reluctant to take long walks outside—seem to have resolved. I missed the walks so much. But now I’m feeling better. I walked around the neighborhood yesterday. Just starting out slowly, working my way up, building my endurance.

This weekend was the Persian New Year – Nowrooz. I’m having my second annual Nowrooz celebration next weekend (because I can’t have it without my parents, and my parents are always out of town the week of Nowrooz). So I’ve been practicing my Persian cooking skills over the last month. Last night Mitch and I enjoyed a delicious dinner of lamb shami (a mixture of ground lamb, onion, chick pea flour and spices), jirivir (green beans, tumeric and egg) and herb kookoo (a souffle of greens). I feel confident to be able to make this again and serve it to friends and family next week. Last year my Dad did most of the cooking, but he’s 85, and I think he wants a break. I told him he had to make the basmati rice—with the tadiq.

Also this past week I’ve been in a sort of ice-dying frenzy. I’m going through all of my dyes and fabrics…ready to start anew. Feels like the right thing to do. I finally discovered how to do a few new folding techniques, which offers a completely different look to my work. I’ll keep going. I still have so many specific ideas to recreate on fabric. I need some time to experiment.

So that’s what’s happened this week. Next week – we celebrate the year 1396 and share the holiday of our heritage with friends and family. Next year – I learn how to make tadiq.

Here are a few favorites from my newest crop of headbands. “Sunset” and “Turtle.” They’re available at my Etsy shop right now!


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