Spring Arrives…What’s to Come?

Last night we had our little Nowrooz celebration. The food was fantastic if I do say so myself. It was so good, we didn’t have any left. A lot of people brought good wine, though. So at least I have that – the house is clean, and I have wine.

My Nowrooz feast: saffron rice, herb kookoo, maust-o-khiar, lamb/beef shami, jirivir, radishes, hummus, tadiq and pickled onions.

I’m so glad that Spring is in the air. I can feel it. It’s giving me a burst of energy (usually, but not today. Today I’m exhausted). When I take my dog for a walk, I can smell the buds on the trees, and the air is fresh. I would like to start waking up early and get outside before I go to work. I haven’t been able to do so lately. I need to get to bed a little earlier I think.

Our band has a couple of possible gigs coming up in the next few months. We have a LOT of practicing to do. I have a few more craft shows coming up too. I need to make my display space a bit smaller than before. So now I’m trying to think of ways to display my napkins and belts in the most efficient, yet effective way possible. Next weekend, I may have some pictures of how I intend to do that.

A couple of things that I realized from this past week: I really like my job. It’s harder, there’s more work to do, and it’s challenging, but I think that’s why I really like it.

And I have been reluctant to throw a party for many years. I don’t know why. Mitch and I used to throw big parties all the time. And then we had one…maybe nine years ago, and none ever since. I think I was scared to do so. I was scared I couldn’t handle it. But after last night’s small Nowrooz celebration, I realized that I had nothing to be scared of, and there are a lot more people I want to invite and introduce to each other. So this summer – we’re finally going to have a big party. My daughter will be thrilled. She’s been bugging me for one for years.

Haft Seen Table: Seven S’s – wheat grass for rebirth (sabzeh), candle to radiate light (sham), sumac (somaq) the color of sunrise, vinegar (serkeh) for age and patience, coins (sekkeh) for prosperity, apples (seeb) for health, garlic (seer) for medicine. The hyacinth (sonbol) is the ultimate symbol of spring, the mirror reflects to us the wisdom and miracle of creation. And jordan almonds. They look like eggs. Eggs are for Spring.


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