The Search for Guidance

This weekend started off with a total bang. Saturday I sold at the last Handmade Market of the season (at the Empty Bottle). There was a large, steady crowd, and sales were decent! After that, we entertained my cousin and his son, visiting from out of town. Since it was such a gorgeous day, we walked over to Horner Park, played frisbee and climbed some trees.

The majestic trees at Horner Park

Today, we headed downtown, to do all the touristy stuff (Riverwalk, Cloudgate, etc.). Tonight we’ll have dinner at a neighborhood brewery, Irving Park Brewery.

This is the first chance I had to write. With each passing craft show, I learn a few more things. People seem to love looking at the shirts and touching them, but I need to sell them. It’s a difficult question. HOW do you know what’s the best product to sell? Especially if a few people buy something different at every craft show? There are a LOT of hand-dyed shirts out there. So my gut tells me that unless people request custom orders, I should focus on headbands (my best sellers), tote bags (2nd best sellers) and napkins (although camis and halter tops seem to do well too, so I’ll keep those in my repertoire). I’m still trying to figure out a good way to display the napkins. Just haven’t found a good, space-efficient way to show them yet. I can’t give up on those quite yet.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a need to find someone to advise me…not only in terms of how to better run LSS Luscious Knits but also to mentor me in my own personal, health/wellness goals. I needed to find someone who could help keep me accountable and maybe provide a community or some source of daily encouragement. I started following a few business blogs, perused marketing tips from various sites. I also started to search lifestyle blogs and IG feeds – most of which were run by women who are at fifteen to twenty years younger than me. The challenge was finding someone who is around my age, someone who understands how the body changes as we go through our mid-forties to fifties. Someone who understands life with the job, the older kids, and all the messiness that goes with it.

Well, I found someone…or someone found me. We found each other. She and I actually went to high school together and reconnected (via Facebook of course!). It couldn’t have happened at a better time. I swear when people say “if you’re looking for a sign, the universe will send it to you” (or something along those lines…one of those hippie-vibe-universe-things) I have to say…it’s true!

So tomorrow: the first day of my week-long spring break in Chicago, my personal journey begins!

Unmistakable curves of Marina Towers

Magnolia and Cloudgate (and some boring old buildings…)

Me and my husband. He doesn’t like to get his picture taken unless it’s ironical.


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