Keeping Up the Creative Flow

This weekend, I spent what little time I had finishing up some more dyeing for two upcoming shows: next weekend, there’s the GIPNA Fine Craft Fair at the Independence Park fieldhouse in the Northwest side of Chicago (noon to 4 pm), where I’ll be sharing a space with my friend Carman (she makes wallets, prints, and other fun stuff). Then Sunday is the Handmade Artisans Bazaar at The Promontory in Hyde Park (also noon to 4 pm).

My feeling is that these two shows will be my final ones for spring. After next week, I want to focus for the rest of the warmer months on creating my fall knit work, which will include fingerless mittens, regular mittens, hats, headbands, and more fingerless mittens (people seem to like those).

A taste of things to come: currently, adding cotton slouchy caps to the mix. Great for summer style, and great for winter people who prefer to wear plant-based fibers!

I’ll also continue to ice dye and experiment with different tying techniques because it’s so much fun! New tote bags, napkins, headbands and other beautiful things will keep coming.

I’ve really been itching to try out some new fabric painting techniques…such as glue resist dying (cheap batik), and painting directly on fabric. So I’ll probably learn that this summer as well.

Also, I have a new product idea up my sleeve. I may show it to you next week.

Of course, what is creativity without inspiration? I need to take some time to visit the forests again. Perhaps the beach as well. I’ve got my eye on walking through some forests preserves in the Edgebrook neighborhood. I was driving by there last week while taking a client to her doctor’s appointment, and I saw a pretty bridge over the Chicago river, surrounded by tall trees. I went to LaBagh Woods last summer, but I didn’t realize that if you go far enough, you’ll find yourself in Forest Glen Woods, into Ted Lechowicz Woods (where I saw the bridge), all the way to Caldwell Woods North of Devon Avenue.

Get ready for many photos of early morning weekend jaunts!


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