What’s In A Name?

LSS Luscious Knits. How did I come up with this name? Yes, it’s a bit long, a little cumbersome perhaps. You know my strength does not lie in perfectly genius brand-naming, but there is a story there. Actually, there are three stories.

My initials are LSS. Lee Samsami Stein.

My parents made a deal when my brother and I were born. Dad, who is Iranian, named my brother. He chose a traditional and significantly popular name in Persian history–Darius (funny side note: my mom originally suggested Alexander, the name of the conqueror who destroyed Persia at its zenith — didn’t happen). My mom – the American – on the other hand, chose to give me a Western name…one that would offset my strange and long last name (legally was Samsami-Mohajer, another story, another time, but suffice it to say that neither my brother nor myself were given middle names for this very reason).

My name also had historical roots and was simple, efficient, short, but filled with independence, self-reliance, and even its spelling invoked curiosity and raised eyebrows. She named me Lee.

Samsami was my maiden name, which I love! It’s unique, funny-sounding, a source of many childhood memories that at the time were frustrating but today make me smile and chuckle (“Hey hey – here comes Lee Sam-salami!”) My Iranian heritage was unusual growing up in an upper-middle-class western suburb of Chicago. I was and still am proud of this thing that makes me…well, me!

But I’m also old fashioned. Later, I fell in love with Mr. Stein, and when he asked me to marry him, I was eager to take his name as my own, following tradition, honoring him. Of course, I would miss my beloved maiden name. But since I had no middle name, I decided to legally make my maiden name my middle name. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

My favorite – Madelinetosh yarn. This aran weight merino wool is incredibly soft, and all of this brand’s colorwaves are hypnotic.

Fast forward almost ten years later: I was knitting all the time. When I started, I was in awe of the amount and variety of luxurious yarn–both sold in retail and independently. I decided then and there that I would never use cheap and scratchy yarn. Every time I shopped for yarn, my eyes would behold all the rich and vibrant colors of all the balls of yarn on the shelf. I routinely stuffed my face into a new skein, inhaling the fibers, the living being from whence it came, its super-fullness and newness. The only word that could possibly describe the yarn that I loved was luscious. It was the chocolate cake of yarns. Irresistible in its…squeezability! Luscious yarn truly satisfied all of my senses.

Again – Madelinetosh. You can literally SEE how soft this is!

I wanted other people to learn about luscious yarn. No longer would people need to wear cheap synthetic hats and mittens. I wanted to share that sense of cushy, sheltering softness that is luxury yarn with everyone, by knitting mittens, hats, scarves and shawls, and selling at a reasonable, but affordable price.

That is how LSS Luscious Knits came into being. Many years later, I discovered the equally rich and vibrant colors created by dyeing my own fabric. Once again, I was hypnotized by the beautiful variety colors and the unknown designs they would form once the ice melted. Naturally, I wanted to share this with everyone as well.

There you have it.

This scarf is made of fuzzy kid mohair. It’s fuzzy, and soft.



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