Goals! :-o

People who’ve known me a long time know these things: I have a problem saying “no.”

My eyes are too big for my stomach.

I take on more than I can handle.

I’m still working on this, but still…I’m reminded of this occasionally.

August is one of those times.

A while back I joined a group that helps me set goals and keep them in terms of taking LSSLuscious Knits to the next level. It’s a great source of information, resources, and feedback. There’s also a lot of advice on how to make my business better. Of course, I joined this group in order to take that advice and use it – and it’s been working for me!

Then, I signed up for a five-week course on how to improve my writing for my business, (which I plan to use for my new and improved website, which is going live on September 1st). This course not only requires writing, but it requires thought-process, brainstorming, time in which I need to focus, as well as getting feedback.

Oh did I mention that I’m driving my daughter downstate to college in a few days? (See last week’s blog post).

And…I had my first outdoor show (one of my goals). That happened yesterday – the Sheridan Park Arts Festival in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. I went, I sold, and it was literally the most gorgeous day – EVER.

A scene from the Sunnyside Mall, location of the Sheridan Park Arts Fest held on August 12th, 2017.

I also joined an accountability group (two, actually) to help me stay on top of my health goals. I started running in July. Still doing both of these things, although I’m dealing with an annoying cramp in my right calf.

Then of course, there’s the new website. Last week I promised all of you a FREE knitting pattern when you sign up for my weekly newsletter – this is still happening, don’t worry! Just read on!

The thing is, I had planned to do an amazing, beautiful landing page for my new website, so when you all arrived there – you would see it, be awed by the powerful writing, and then, of course, sign up for the newsletter. Well…because the pattern itself (my free gift to you) took longer than expected, I didn’t get the time I needed to create that perfect landing page.

In the end, I just said,

You know what? I promised you a pattern, and that’s what I’m going to give you.

So in exchange for a gorgeous landing page, I’m giving you what I promised.

By the way, did you know that LSS Luscious Knits is a one-woman operation? And this is not my only job. I actually have a part-time office job at a caregiving agency!

The big kicker was that I had to have a biopsy last Wednesday. I won’t find out the results until this Wednesday. The waiting game for something like this sucks, people. It’s not right. Luckily, I’m very blessed, with a lot of really wonderful friends and family around me, who are praying and passing along the good vibes, that all will be well.

And in my heart, I have a strong feeling that yes, everything will be all right.

But at some point, you just have to admit that you’re doing the best you can.

And some of those goals just have to wait.

Prioritize it. Do the most important thing first. Get *something* out there (like that free pattern eh?!), and just go down the list. But remember to take care of yourself, because those tasks will still be there when you’re done. And you’ll do a better job when you’re feeling rested and ready to work.

So I invite you to visit this place – a home that’s still in progress (like life).

Sign up for my weekly newsletter, where you’ll get previews of my upcoming blog posts, information for where I’ll be selling live, other free patterns, how-tos, coupons, and specials. In thanks for doing this, you’ll get a free knitting pattern in your mailbox.

A word about the pattern: I had originally called it something else, but because I received the much-needed help of a dear, dear friend – at almost no notice at all, I changed the name of the pattern, and I think it’s much better.

Because, at the end of the day, you just want to thank your friends, your family–any loved one–for just being there for you when you needed them. That’s the stuff that makes life so amazing. That’s what LSS Luscious Knits is all about. 🙂









Visit http://www.lsslusciousknits.com today – sign up and get a free knitting pattern!


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