When Life Moves Too Fast

The other day I think I had what could be called an anxiety attack.

On second thought, rather than an attack, it was more like a wave. Something that had been slowly growing over a few weeks, and finally drowned me like an all-encompassing shroud of doom and gloom. It had me horizontal, on the couch. Just at that moment, when I started falling into the black hole, my husband texted me …

“How’s it going?”
“Okay. I’m a little anxious.”
“Ya? About the party?”
“A lot of things.”

There was a point in my life, maybe it was last summer, where I was in a groove. I exercised every day. I spent a lot of time outdoors, breathing fresh air, taking pictures, inhaling all the natural beauty around me, loving it all, thankful and content. I was able to wake up really early and drive out to a forest preserve, or just walk around the neighborhood while everyone else was still asleep. That hasn’t happened for a while. There’s been no time at all.

I guess it culminated this month – June…typically the time when all the big school events happen, like the choir concert, or the dance concert, finals, etc. Just getting through work, through church meetings, or volunteer commitments, while helping the kids stay above water during those last weeks without totally losing their minds.

This June was a bit more exciting though. My son graduated from middle school (8th grade) and my daughter graduated from high school. Grandparents visited. We went to other graduation parties.

And then there was our party.

That was the one thing my daughter hoped we would have –
not a graduation party – but a real, regular Steinhaus party, just like the ones she remembered as a child. Her earliest memories were of us in the back yard, hanging out with our adult friends, barbecuing, laughing. We all were so much younger then, we had energy. We still had a bit of the crazy animal in us.

Things are different now. We haven’t had a party in many, many years. We’re older. Some of us have to take pills to stay healthy. I can’t function without a pair of reading glasses, and I can’t eat dinner past 7 pm or my stomach gets angry. Many of my friends lost their hair, or what hair they had turned gray. I don’t like staying up too late anymore. We’re like…old!

So naturally, I believed I had lost my touch…or something. I thought people would be bored. I thought I would be a “Debbie Downer.” Honestly, it was an irrational fear. I think I was afraid that I wouldn’t have the energy it took to throw a proper party.

Finally, it occurred to me that I don’t have to have “energy,” or whatever it is I think I should have–at this party. I’ll just be myself.

Make a few good things to eat, and make a point of talking to everyone who arrives. Some of the people we invited we haven’t seen in years. Good parties do happen organically. Provide some food, some drink, some good music, friendly people, and it just goes from there.

Everything this month happened so fast. There were only a few days between the big events, and I was doing all I could to just show up – be there, get the pictures, make sure the grandparents weren’t dying in the heat, or getting lost in the throngs of people…remembering to behold that historic moment when our kids walked the stage.

I put the knitting, dyeing, sewing and the exercise on the backburner for a few. Maybe that’s why I started to panic. Those things I do, have become an integral part of who I am. When I can’t do them, I begin to worry that I’m losing myself.

But like everything else, days come and go, events come and go. And then you’re back to your daily life. This week I found the time to knit a hat and sew some scarves. The party was amazing. Everyone was smiling and laughing again.

One night last week, I walked with my son to his diving class, and glanced up at him, and thought, “How on earth did you get so tall?” I think he grew another inch just in the last month. How did he grow up so fast? Also that night, I thought about my daughter, who was babysitting to earn some extra cash for college. She leaves in only six weeks. Everywhere I look in this house, are reminders of her, and that she’ll be leaving. How can this be? How did we get here so fast? What will life in this house be like without her?

I guess it’s safe to say that a lot is going on right now. That’s okay. Life is like that sometimes. I should take to heart what my husband texted after I told him I was anxious about a lot of things:


Work, Milestones and Dads

Father’s Day weekend is a busy one! In fact, the month of June itself has been a whirlwind of activity. Almost so much it made my head spin!

On June 9th, my son graduated from 8th grade, and he will enter high school in the fall. On the 16th, our family went to the Lyric Opera House to watch our daughter walk the stage to accept her high school diploma. Earlier in the week, I drove her down to Bloomington-Normal to attend a 2-day orientation for college. It’s been a year of many milestones, many ups, and downs – a rollercoaster ride of events, emotions and memories.

Many wonderful things are coming your way!

Taking a moment from cutting, sewing and serging new fabric.

New knitting patterns, new home decor, new garments, and a new website. Keep your eyes open people. Follow me on Instagram (@lsslusciousknits) or visit my Facebook Page (LSSLusciousKnits). I’m also on Pinterest (LSS Lusciousknits) and Twitter (@lilbee68).

Yesterday, I spent most of the day cutting fabric, ice-dyeing new garments, finishing a knit hat, and thinking of new ideas for blog posts. Today will be more of the same. I’m also in the process of revamping my website – so you don’t have to look at silly ads all the time!

Also being Father’s Day, I’m thankful. Thankful for my own dad, who will be 86 years old next week. I’m thankful for my husband, who is also a wonderful dad. I’m thankful for all the dads like him – who love their children unconditionally, make their children laugh, teach them what they know, let them grow at their own pace, attend their rites of passage, wipe their children’s tears, protect them from danger, and know when to let their children go. Happy Fathers Day to all the loving dads out there!

Me and Dad.

Custom Orders, Part II: Handknits

So…is it worthwhile for you to have something custom knit?

Storytime: Once, a client requested an all-wool cable knit sweater. There was a lot that went into this project: Picking colors, picking yarn texture, picking yarn fiber…then there was choosing of the pattern – what style of cable knit sweater did the client want? And of course, there was measuring. Pre-measuring, middle-of-project measuring, and final finishing. All in all, the sweater took about two months to make. Now, how much do you suppose a handmade, custom-fit sweater like this would cost? $1000? Sure, but who would pay that? Still, it would be an expensive sweater, and it was…I charged about $250 because that was the price that I was comfortable with, given the costs, and the time. Is it worth it to you to give your loved one a $250 handmade, custom-fit sweater? Or would you be more comfortable buying a manufactured sweater – albeit a REALLY NICE one for that much money? My client loved my work, and he trusted me, and it was worth it to make the sweater for his wife. It was literally, a gift of love. And she did love it. It fits her like a glove, and she wears it every winter. It’s made of some of the finest, softest wool I’ve ever knitted. I must add, that it’s the most beautiful sweater I ever made.

And although, that’s a good story, still sometimes it’s better to request custom orders that are smaller and more manageable. I knit hats and mittens for clients all the time,  which also requires the choosing of colors, textures, fibers, and overall design – but that’s the fun part – for both the client and myself! In addition, only one measurement is needed for such an item, and that number can be measured by the client and emailed to me.

Hats and mittens don’t take months to make!

However, they do take a little more time than the simplest ice-dying order. If I have the right yarn in stock, most hats take about a week. But again, add in a special order of yarn, then we’re adding on a week. And if we’re talking about a 75″ scarf, or a pair of complicated Scandinavian stranded mittens, a little bit more time is needed. After all, everything I knit is handknit, not machine-made.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of different types of yarns and their colorways, and the prices are that varied as well. What type of yarn you choose, and how much of that yarn is needed for the project – will affect the overall cost. So, to keep you in the loop, we’ll talk about your price range, what fibers and colors you like, and I’ll use my know-how to research luxurious yarn at the price you like. I’ll want to send you visual samples to choose from before we begin.

Just like in ice-dyeing, pricing depends on what’s in stock and the complexity of the project (such as a lace stole as opposed to a simple hat). For example, a client may want to order a handknit hat made out of 100% linen. The hats I’m showing in my shop range somewhere between $25 – $30. However, if you want a linen hat, I’m going to want to make you a hat with linen that’s in line with my high-quality standards (hey we’re talking about my reputation here!). So I’m going to find you GOOD linen, not scratchy, and spun well…but I’m also going to try and keep your final project at a realistic, but reasonable price. Again – communication is key – and I’ll always communicate my findings with you.

Custom orders provide something that is made specifically for YOU!

I guess that’s why custom orders exist. They give you something you cannot get at Target or even a high-end department store! You want something that is made specifically for you – for your body, your skin; something that suits your tastes. In what manufacturing world is someone going to stay in touch with you about colors, sizing, texture, and design throughout the process? If you’re still unsure, look at the reviews – look at testimonials in the shop. If they sound good, then give it a try!

That’s why people take the leap of faith and place that online custom order. And that’s why people like me LOVE to receive them! It’s my opportunity to let my creativity shine, and it’s your opportunity to purchase something made specifically for you –
something that will make YOU FEEL GOOD.

And that good feeling will show when you wear it!

How to Place a Custom Order with Confidence!

Yes, yes, yes custom online orders can be frightening, but not if you do your research!

There’s really nothing more heartbreaking than going through all the trouble of explaining what you want, and then after weeks of waiting, and money spent, you receive your custom item only to find that it doesn’t fit or isn’t the right color, or you just don’t like it. It can be equally discouraging for the seller too – especially the hand-crafter because she put her heart and soul into the work.

And that’s why both parties need to do their research! As a buyer, look for reviews, or testimonials for the shop. And a conscientious seller gets as much information as possible. That’s what I do.

When someone wants something in particular from me – I get all excited and do the happy dance! Make sure you look through all the listings in the shop, in order to get a clearer sense of what I sell, and what you want!

Let’s say you are looking at the lovely napkins listed in my shop, but you want to take it a step further…and get a matching tablecloth (hey I’m working on a custom-ordered tablecloth with matching napkins right now!). First things first…

If you want something custom made,
it’s going to take more time. 

Obviously – It could be handmade, or it could be something that needs to be special ordered…like that size XS halter top (by the way, does ANYONE know where I can get 100% cotton size XS halter tops? Yeah, me neither).

You might want specific colors that I don’t currently have in stock, so those need to be special ordered. Usually, the ETA of a supply order takes about 8 days. Then, of course, there’s the actual “making” time. Keep in mind that an ice-dyed t-shirt will not take as long as a handsewn, ice-dyed hobo bag.

Most importantly, I want you to be thrilled with your purchase.

So that’s why I keep the lines of communication open throughout the process. If you ask me for a size M halter top that needs to be special ordered, I’ll let you know that it will take an additional week for entire order. I’ll also want to do tests, to make sure the colors are the way you want them.

I’ll want to give you a fairly accurate timeline up front for custom orders. For things like ice-dyed tops, headbands, and napkins, the timeline can be about two weeks. If I have supplies in stock, maybe 1 week. For bigger projects, like ice-dyed tablecloths, tapestries, or larger garments, it may take longer depending on the complexity of the project.

What about the price?

Every artist is different. Part of my mission with LSS Luscious Knits is to keep things reasonably affordable. For my custom ice-dyed orders, if they’re basically the same as what I sell in my shop – such as an ice-dyed t-shirt, or a set of napkins, I customize at the same price. The only time the price goes up is if the quantity of the project (such as the number of napkins ordered) increases.

By the way, when it comes to napkins – I do have a special! There’s the flat price of $25 for four (4) seamed napkins. But if you order 8, then there’s a little discount. Order 12, a slightly bigger discount. Order 16 or 20, the discount gets bigger, and so on!

One of several custom orders in the making; one week for ordering the needed colors the clients requested, and another week of testing to make sure they’ll like what they see!

I hope I’ve taken some of the guesswork out of ice dyed custom orders for you. Custom orders can be loads of fun! Next Sunday, I’ll talk about custom ordering handknit items, which are just a tiny bit more complicated…

What’s In A Name?

LSS Luscious Knits. How did I come up with this name? Yes, it’s a bit long, a little cumbersome perhaps. You know my strength does not lie in perfectly genius brand-naming, but there is a story there. Actually, there are three stories.

My initials are LSS. Lee Samsami Stein.

My parents made a deal when my brother and I were born. Dad, who is Iranian, named my brother. He chose a traditional and significantly popular name in Persian history–Darius (funny side note: my mom originally suggested Alexander, the name of the conqueror who destroyed Persia at its zenith — didn’t happen). My mom – the American – on the other hand, chose to give me a Western name…one that would offset my strange and long last name (legally was Samsami-Mohajer, another story, another time, but suffice it to say that neither my brother nor myself were given middle names for this very reason).

My name also had historical roots and was simple, efficient, short, but filled with independence, self-reliance, and even its spelling invoked curiosity and raised eyebrows. She named me Lee.

Samsami was my maiden name, which I love! It’s unique, funny-sounding, a source of many childhood memories that at the time were frustrating but today make me smile and chuckle (“Hey hey – here comes Lee Sam-salami!”) My Iranian heritage was unusual growing up in an upper-middle-class western suburb of Chicago. I was and still am proud of this thing that makes me…well, me!

But I’m also old fashioned. Later, I fell in love with Mr. Stein, and when he asked me to marry him, I was eager to take his name as my own, following tradition, honoring him. Of course, I would miss my beloved maiden name. But since I had no middle name, I decided to legally make my maiden name my middle name. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

My favorite – Madelinetosh yarn. This aran weight merino wool is incredibly soft, and all of this brand’s colorwaves are hypnotic.

Fast forward almost ten years later: I was knitting all the time. When I started, I was in awe of the amount and variety of luxurious yarn–both sold in retail and independently. I decided then and there that I would never use cheap and scratchy yarn. Every time I shopped for yarn, my eyes would behold all the rich and vibrant colors of all the balls of yarn on the shelf. I routinely stuffed my face into a new skein, inhaling the fibers, the living being from whence it came, its super-fullness and newness. The only word that could possibly describe the yarn that I loved was luscious. It was the chocolate cake of yarns. Irresistible in its…squeezability! Luscious yarn truly satisfied all of my senses.

Again – Madelinetosh. You can literally SEE how soft this is!

I wanted other people to learn about luscious yarn. No longer would people need to wear cheap synthetic hats and mittens. I wanted to share that sense of cushy, sheltering softness that is luxury yarn with everyone, by knitting mittens, hats, scarves and shawls, and selling at a reasonable, but affordable price.

That is how LSS Luscious Knits came into being. Many years later, I discovered the equally rich and vibrant colors created by dyeing my own fabric. Once again, I was hypnotized by the beautiful variety colors and the unknown designs they would form once the ice melted. Naturally, I wanted to share this with everyone as well.

There you have it.

This scarf is made of fuzzy kid mohair. It’s fuzzy, and soft.


Knitting and Sewing

I’ve started knitting in earnest now. Still using cotton yarn for several light slouchy caps, but I’ve been trying out a lot of new stitch patterns for more airy, stretchy, open work. I love the veil stitch. I always have. It’ so beautifully simple; makes such elegant fabric and it looks very different depending on what kind of yarn you use. But the result is always a soft, flowy fabric. The only issue with the veil stitch is that it uses more yarn than other types of stitches because there are two “wraparounds” in the stitch, which is twice as much as a normal knit stitch. This hat below, took about 1.5 balls of yarn, whereas the hat with eyelets (right) only takes one.

Veil stitch using worsted weight cotton yarn. Looks like stockinette, but is more stretchy, airy and drapes nicely.

Worsted weight cotton yarn, in a simple eyelet pattern.







I’ve had a lot of success with the vertical lace trellis stitch, which is shown in these hats below. But I’m going to stick with the eyelets this time. We’ll see how the end result looks.

Examples of vertical lace trellis in cotton yarn, a very easy stitch that gives a nice airy look to fabrics.


My first caftan using cotton muslin. Still need to finish the neckline, but will be ready for dyeing. Perfect for that special someone with…a really short torso.

Also last week, I made my first garment using cotton muslin, a lightweight fabric which is typically used for test garments. I think my caftan top came out okay, but I need to find a better way to deal with the neckline.

I also experimented with other types of cotton fabric. Up until now, I’ve been using lightweight duck fabric (100% cotton canvas) for my home decor, but fabrics like cotton lawn and cotton voile are lighter, more “drapey,” which is great for garments, scarves, and other wearable stuff. The only caveat is that voile and lawn are more delicate and need to be washed differently in order to retain their beauty and longevity. But then again…how often does one need to wash a scarf? And if it’s only once in a while, why wouldn’t someone take the time to hand wash it?

I like cotton lawn because it’s pretty, lightweight and drapey, but can still be machine-washed (in delicate cycle, with delicate detergent).

Left: I don’t even know how I burned my forearm. But that mark is here to stay. Right: just happened yesterday. 😦

So you can expect to see some ice-dyed scarves in LSSLuscious Knit’s future. However, I must add that in order to sew all these napkins and scarves and such, I have to do a lot of ironing – and either I’m a clutz or I’m doing something wrong, but I keep burning myself! So buy my stuff because I literally put blood, sweat, and tears into my work!


Mother’s Day Weekend

This weekend I dove headfirst into my old walking routine. My legs are screaming right now, but I’ve been meaning to check out the North Branch Trail starting at Forest Glen Woods, so I woke up at 5:30 to do just that. The trail was sort of…meh. It was okay. I did see some deer and a gigantic raccoon though. Because of all the rain we’ve had lately, the woods were very…marshy. Some of the water came right up to the bike trail. I was able to walk from Forest Glen Woods up to the end of Lechowicz Woods, and then I felt like I had to turn around and go back. Next time I’ll start at Caldwell Woods, or maybe just venture farther north into Glencoe. Maybe the trail’s a little more interesting up there.

See the pretty deer?

I’m attempting to sew a garment – a caftan top, and a tote bag. Just doing tests at the moment, but we’ll see if this is something I can do on a regular basis. I think I can. Once I’ve mastered those items (caftan – a maybe), I can add these to my repertoire of sewn items for ice dyeing.

I’m starting to knit like crazy too. Doing lots of cotton hats, but soon I’ll be adding wool items for the Fall. I’m looking into art/craft shows to apply for beginning in August. I want to get my stuff out there. I’m considering a show in Indiana or Michigan. Or both. New territory for me. It’s a part of a personal goal of getting myself out there more often, but I have to be careful. Sometimes (well, all the time) I bite off more than I can chew. And doing one craft show a month, while at first sounds totally possible, ends up sounding like a nightmare. So I’m going to have to think very carefully about this. Acknowledge my limits.

After I came home from visiting my mom, I did some weeding in the garden, and then I finished this hat. Now, I’m very, very tired, and I want to take a nap. It’s Mother’s Day. I think I’ve earned it.

Enjoy this beautiful day!

North branch of the Chicago River in Forest Glen Woods. Moving fast.

When the water rises…near the Bieszczat Volunteer Center on the North Branch Trail of Lechowicz Woods.


My “Trouble-Making” Facebook Status

I had posted what I thought was a funny thing on Facebook the other day, and it turned into a mess. My son was on a trip to Washington dc with his class for three days. We had talked about all the what to expect-isms, etc. I remember before he left – he told me that he and his friend wanted to take a selfie while flicking off the white house. I told him, “I understand your reasoning, I agree with you – but I don’t want you to do that. Don’t do that. I don’t want to see a pic of you flicking off anyone or anything.”

Later, I found out from his dad that he and his friend flicked a hat emblazoned “Make America Great Again,” off the head of an older student from another tour group, and ran as fast as they could. I posted on FB that “my son wants to get his ass kicked in Wash. DC,”

Of course, I don’t expect everyone in the world to think that’s funny. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. My friends know me, they’d appreciate the remark. But even now, I’m still surprised and shaken, when someone I haven’t spoken to in literally 20 years, will come onto my Facebook page and shame me. That someone I knew would have the gall to tell me in so many words that I should be ashamed of my son’s actions, and that (said by a total stranger this time) my parenting skills are substandard.

Yes – I’m sure many of you are thinking, “Where have you been the last ten years? Hello, ever heard of trolls? Hello, this is what people have been complaining about the internet forever!” But still, when it happens to you – it feels like a punch in the stomach, and it lingers and it seethes there until you respond and escalate the problem – or just delete it entirely, which is what I finally did.

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel better after deleting the thread. Not really. A lot of my friends saw the humor I tried to convey. After all, I agree with the majority of my real friends who spoke up. How do we respect an administration that disrespects us? The act of dissent is patriotic if the government can no longer be trusted to serve the people. On some level, I AM proud of my son for acting on his beliefs (although I would prefer that he did it in a more diplomatic way).

My friend Courtney mentioned before the election that she was very troubled by the state of online correspondence. She said we absolutely need to start talking to each other face to face once again.

I’ve said before that I love social media, but when it comes to controversial subjects like politics, social justice, or religion, I agree that it’s better to discuss face to face. Why? It’s obviously so easy to insult someone you can’t see. Talking to someone face to face forces you to behave yourself, to act with civility, to use a normal mode of discussion.

Still, if people simply cannot resist posting their opposing views on the internet – especially with strangers, or people you’ve not known in years, why not ask yourself a few questions before posting: Would you say this if you were standing right here in front of me? What are you trying to accomplish by saying this? Do you think that labeling me as part of a group you call “liberal fucktards” going to make me listen (or read further)?

I do ask myself that question a lot these days…what am I trying to accomplish? More often than not, I ask myself before I write, before I speak, and before I act, because now more than ever, it seems that whatever I do will have these everlasting consequences that I never even imagined.

I will say this to all of my “critics:” I don’t equate tipping off someone’s hat as “assault.” I’m not ashamed of my son’s actions. I don’t have a double-standard of freedom of expression. I recognize that both sides have their opinions, and neither side has any trouble expressing it, and we’ve seen that constantly in videos, soundbites and posts over the last year.

Sidenote: Why are supporters of the current administration still so angry? They got what they wanted, didn’t they? Or is it not enough? Is it that they cannot handle the fact there are those of us who disagree – and for good reason? Is this the America they want—where no one questions anything that the government does?
Ultimately, I was picturing my 13-year old son tipping off someone’s hat, and scurrying away…I thought it was funny. A simple act of rebellion – one of which all of us can remember in our own 13-year-old selves. I wanted to share it with my friends.

There’s a sale in my Etsy shop – 20% off all belts! Handknit and made for you – cinch it this summer!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the GIPNA craft show yesterday. It was a beautiful day. Today, unfortunately, I’m staying home to nurse a minor arm injury. Here’s hoping that the good weather remains, and that you all get to enjoy it!

Keeping Up the Creative Flow

This weekend, I spent what little time I had finishing up some more dyeing for two upcoming shows: next weekend, there’s the GIPNA Fine Craft Fair at the Independence Park fieldhouse in the Northwest side of Chicago (noon to 4 pm), where I’ll be sharing a space with my friend Carman (she makes wallets, prints, and other fun stuff). Then Sunday is the Handmade Artisans Bazaar at The Promontory in Hyde Park (also noon to 4 pm).

My feeling is that these two shows will be my final ones for spring. After next week, I want to focus for the rest of the warmer months on creating my fall knit work, which will include fingerless mittens, regular mittens, hats, headbands, and more fingerless mittens (people seem to like those).

A taste of things to come: currently, adding cotton slouchy caps to the mix. Great for summer style, and great for winter people who prefer to wear plant-based fibers!

I’ll also continue to ice dye and experiment with different tying techniques because it’s so much fun! New tote bags, napkins, headbands and other beautiful things will keep coming.

I’ve really been itching to try out some new fabric painting techniques…such as glue resist dying (cheap batik), and painting directly on fabric. So I’ll probably learn that this summer as well.

Also, I have a new product idea up my sleeve. I may show it to you next week.

Of course, what is creativity without inspiration? I need to take some time to visit the forests again. Perhaps the beach as well. I’ve got my eye on walking through some forests preserves in the Edgebrook neighborhood. I was driving by there last week while taking a client to her doctor’s appointment, and I saw a pretty bridge over the Chicago river, surrounded by tall trees. I went to LaBagh Woods last summer, but I didn’t realize that if you go far enough, you’ll find yourself in Forest Glen Woods, into Ted Lechowicz Woods (where I saw the bridge), all the way to Caldwell Woods North of Devon Avenue.

Get ready for many photos of early morning weekend jaunts!

Journey to the Center of My Stomach

I’ve been working on my eating habits for the last two weeks. It’s been going well, but it’s not easy. I remember in the beginning I was sort of bitchy. After a few days, that gave way to a general feeling of somber gloom.

I made a lot of mistakes too. When I worked out in my carpeted tv-room, I figured it was okay not to wear shoes (heh heh…). I realized the error of my ways when both knees started hurting. Now I’m wearing shoes, and luckily the pain disappeared almost instantly.

Most importantly, I’ve realized in the last two weeks, how much I had been eating since last Fall…and drinking! I mean, I was eating A LOT! Snacking on food at work, snacking on food after work, dessert after dinner, wine after dessert – almost every night.

These habits formed so insidiously, and I didn’t even notice it until I started…well, eating the way I was supposed to be eating.

I’m really grateful that I found my friend/coach Heather to help me through this. She has a nice group of people online, and we’re all cheering each other on as we go through this journey together.

The other thing I’ve been thinking is that for a long time, I was really looking outward to find inspiration, answers, success. But just changing my habits has forced me to sort of look inward. There were moments where I was just sitting there, realizing that I would probably be stuffing my face with something, and instead, I had to do something else. So I would do just that, as mundane as it might have been. But why did I spend all that time eating in the first place? Perhaps I was eating out of boredom, or eating to relax, to decompress. Eating to feel good. I’m still figuring things out, but it feels like I’m on the right track at least.

In the meantime, I’m getting ready for a couple of fun craft shows in May. Sales have been good – both in shows and online – I don’t know where it’s coming from, but I sure am thankful!! Here are a few items I just dyed last night.

Available now: bandeau, crop top and tank. Click on picture to shop.

Available now: sunrays halter (L) and pink fire halter (R); click on picture to shop!

Available now! Totes #077 purple and #078 red. Click on picture to shop!

Available now: Halter and sleeveless crop top – click on image to shop!